About us

We represent Student Scientific Group MOS under the Department of Electronic and Photonic Metrology of the Faculty of Electronics.


We created The P.I.W.O Project as innovative building illumination system. This abbrevation can be read as:

Potężny (big) Indeksowany (indexed) Wyświetlacz (display) Oknowy (window-based)

PIWO in Polish means BEER in English, so this abbrevation could be translated as:

Big Enormous Extraordinary R...display ;)

If you have better idea, how to interpret B.E.E.R., plase send us your solution!

The goal of our project is to change one of dorms into a big display. A short view on following picture will explain this:


This non-standard idea could be born in the brain of unconventional man only. This man is Filip Rus, at the time the graduate of our department. He remember, that some time ago he walked near "Teki" dorms. At dusk, illuminated windows were making random patterns. 'What if it will be possible to control them?' - this idea was the beginning of our project.

Filip Rus - originator of this project


P.I.W.O - the first edition of our project took place on Juwenalia Student Festival in 2007. Illumination system was installed in T-17 dorm. Many people attended this show. Information on this performance affected not only students. This event was shown on TVP3 television - many people in Poland learned about this project.

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P.I.W.O.2 - second edition of this project called P.I.W.O.2 was based on new technology, new people and new dorm (T16). Show took place on the 13th of May, 2008. This event was a big success. Audience was large and videos from this show were very popular on internet!

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P.I.W.O.3 - New in year 2009 were 4 colours of bulbs (painted using new technology), so show was even better than before!

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Audience at the show - 3rd edition of the project

Illumination system

Illumination system used by the P.I.W.O Project is our original construction. All equipment was designed and build by us. The most important part of this system are illumination modules, which are installed in dorm's rooms for the show. They are connected using wireless and wired network with controlling computer.

Illumination module connected to the programmer


Bulbs were funded by Philips Lighting Poland, the leading manufacturer of illumination solutons in Poland. We are very glad, that so big and respective company was interested in our student project. Supplied bulbs were used in the P.I.W.O.3 Project and will be used in the P.I.W.O.4 Project too.

Philips Lighting Poland



Q: Who are you?
A: We are students of the Wrocław University of Technology, associated in Student Scientific Group MOS (Microsystems Oriented Society).

Q: Why do you do this project?
A: Because we can do this and we are capable to do this.

Q: From where do you have money?
A: This is a non-commercial project funded by the Wrocław University of Technology. Bulbs were sponsored by Philips Lighting Poland.

Q: Is this a master's thesis?
A: No, this is a project realised by Student Scientific Group MOS (Microsystems Oriented Society).

Q: You have stolen this idea!
A: The idea to use a building in the role of a display is not new. However, all technical solutions, designs and implementations used in the P.I.W.O Project are ours.

Q: Who will pay you?
A: Nobody - this is non-commercial student project.

Q: What are your benefits?
A: First of all, We have satisfaction. Additionally this project is a good possibility to gain experience in many areas, such as technology, logistics, advertising.

Q: Why do you use light bulbs? This is an outdated technology.
A: There are two reasons:
 1. Price - LED lamps are still very expensive.
 2. Feelings - illuminated windows looks more interesting than lighting points mounted on windows or on building.

Q: This project is a waste of money!
A: We have different opinion:
 1. This project is a big attraction at the Juwenalia Student Festival and many students take part in the show (the P.I.W.O Project can be compared to the organisation of a concert).
 2. This project is an excellent promotion of the Technical Uniwersity of Wroclaw and encourage young people to choose technology studies.
 3. Equipment build by us under this project will be eventually used in other projects (e.g. big light bulb display).
 4. For the students commited in this project this is a chance to gain invaluable experience, which will allow them to be good skilled engineers.

Q: This project was made by scientific group? Seriously? You are playing like childern!
A: Subject of this project can appear as not serious to some people. However, realisation of this project means that many real technology and logistics problems must be solved. These problems are similar to the ones encountered with 'real' projects.