P.I.W.O. – the Powerful Index Window Display (or if you prefer, B.E.E.R. – Big Electronic Entertainment Renderer) – allows us to transform buildings into giant screens. Each window becomes a separate ‘pixel’ controlled by a computer, which enables a smooth display of animations with combined sound effects.

To achieve such an effect we place a LED diode module by each window. Such module requires a ~230V socket available. However there is no need for a cable connection between modules, they are connected to a wireless network working at 2,4GHz frequency.

Radio transmitters are set up outside the building, ideally within 30-40 meter radius around it. They are connected to the main computer, which is used to display the animations. There are no restrictions as far as the content of the animations is concerned. We’ve even created an app that enables people to create their own animations (http://www.piwo.pwr.wroc.pl/konkurs). There is also a possibility of displaying text from a live feed e.g. text messages from your phone.