Frequently asked questions about Project P.I.W.O. If a question you want to ask is not here ask in it in the comments section.

Q: Who are you?
A: We are students at the Wrocław University of Technology and members of the MOS Student Scientific Association.

Q: Why are you doing all this?
A: Because we want and we can ;-)

Q: Where do you get your funding?
A: We are funded by the Wrocław University of Technology as well as other sponsors.

Q: Is all this a Master’s dissertation subject?
A: No, this is strictly a scientific project realized by MOS Student Scientific Association.

Q: You’ve stolen the idea!
A: The very idea to use a building as a display panel is nothing new, however all the technical arrangements and the entire setup of Project P.I.W.O. are our own ideas.

Q: What do you get from all this work?
A: Mainly satisfaction. Apart from that, Project gives us a unique way to expand our knowledge and abilities in the fields of electronics, programming, promoting, fundraising and logistics.

Q: My university has a cool dorm, can you do a show there?
A: Of course! As long as your university or its student government will help us with the organization.

Q: How much did my university pay for the show on P.I.W.O. Tour?
A: Beacause we’ve combined our tour with marketing campaign, Your university didn’t have to spend a dime!

Q: This project is a waste of money!
A: We beg to differ:
1. Project P.I.W.O. has been a source of entertainment and good fun for many students during student carnivals (Project P.I.W.O. can be compared to a concert in this respect);
2. Project P.I.W.O. is one of the trademarks of Wrocław University of Technology and has encouraged many pupils to enroll on the technological studies;
3. 3. For the students who are engaged in the development of the Project it is a great way to earn valuable experience that will help them become full-fledged engineers one day;

Q: Who will pay for all the electricity that you’ll use up?
A: Since we’ve switched over to using LED diodes, our system uses much less energy than a dormitory with about half of the lights turned on. You could argue that our show helps to conserve energy :)

Q: Scientific project? You’ve got to be kidding – you’re playing like little kids!
A: The theme of the project may seem trivial. However working on it means tackling a great deal of technical, logistic, human resources etc. difficulties. The very same problems you encounter while working on “serious” projects.