We gladly introduce to You Project P.I.W.O. Light Show

Project P.I.W.O. Light Show is a one of its kind concept that came from members of the MOS Student Scientific Association, which works under the Wrocław University of Technology. The abbreviation can be roughly translated as Powerful Index Window Display (or if you prefer – Project BEER as in Big Electronic Entertainment Renderer ;)), and the whole idea is to turn buildings into huge screens, where each window serves as a colourful pixel. Dynamically changing images combined with music and sound effects create a unique light show.


Our crazy initiative is over eight years old and is one of the most recognizable student projects in Poland. We’ve performed over fifty shows up to date, on various buildings all over Poland. That includes dormitories during student carnivals as well as less conventional venues such as Bank Zachodni WBK in Wrocław’s old town’s square, Sky Tower (highest building in Wroclaw), Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw) or the Schafftgotsch palace in Jelenia Góra. Right now, we are very interested in shows beyond polish borders.

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Each of our shows gathered thousands of people and enjoyed a great media interest. Millions of hits on youtube and thousands of fans on various social network sites are the effects of over six years of hard work and dedication that established Project P.I.W.O.’s good name.


Having said that, one of our main advantages is experience, but not routine, mind you! Our crew is full of creative young engineers who share the enthusiasm towards making something exceptional and unique. The willingness to learn and create has always pushed us forward, and that is why our project is not only the great fun during the show, but also the months of hard work over the improvement of the project’s technology. Helping young, promising students is another reason to support us.


We offer You the ability to use the potential of Project P.I.W.O. Light Show to promote Your companies. We can prepare and promote a light show, created especially to suit Your instructions and expectations. We offer the opportunity to promote Your brand in a special animation with sound that would be displayed on a building, a spot on the promotional posters and banners, acknowledgement in press release and Your logo being included in the official promotional videos posted on the internet. We hope to hear from You! Please contact us via e-mail: piwo@pwr.wroc.pl

We encourage You to consider cooperation and become our Partner!